Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2007

Model and application

Finally (on November 28th), the deadline for my matura work has come. Finally I am free
of spending evening after evening in the dark underground workshop at school while my
friends are chilling at home. No more weekends spent in front of the computer, modeling in
Cinema 4D or drawing in Photoshop. IT IS DONE, and I am now looking forward to March 4th, the
day on which the presentation will take place.
However, I am not that satisfied with the result of the scale model, although it is my very
first one. There are simply too many small holes and scratches left on the car's body.
I should really have filled the car with liquid filler before applying colour and filler spray.
Maybe, I am gonna remake the finish...it depends on whether the teacher lets me do it before
the presentation or not...We'll see...

On the other hand, the time for applying for my very first one-year internship has come. Probably,
I'll be applying at BMW's, Mercedes-Benz', Audi's, Volkswagen's and AMG's design centres.
Brabus, Lorinser, Fiat and GM are four more options.

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

The model and M^2

I have just come back from my working room at school and noticed that I must have worked at least for sixty hours now on my car. Well it is getting more frustrating from time to time -.- I should get the surface as smooth as a baby butt but that's just theoretic and doesn't want to turn out also in practice. I now have four days of holidays to go for working on it and solve the problem but I really don't know if I'm able to finish the whole car until November 27th. In addition I will have to build the front grill, the rims, tyres and the exhaust out of Uriol...and I've got no clue where to get this stuff...

M^2-wise I think I found quite a good customer. A friend of mine is getting up some business with his class and I think/ hope I'll be the one who will make the whole graphic-/ CI- and Industrial design. Well, hopefully =) This could let some cash flow in my direction since design has always been very expensive. Well, we'll see. I have to cook now. Stay tuned ;-)