Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

The model and M^2

I have just come back from my working room at school and noticed that I must have worked at least for sixty hours now on my car. Well it is getting more frustrating from time to time -.- I should get the surface as smooth as a baby butt but that's just theoretic and doesn't want to turn out also in practice. I now have four days of holidays to go for working on it and solve the problem but I really don't know if I'm able to finish the whole car until November 27th. In addition I will have to build the front grill, the rims, tyres and the exhaust out of Uriol...and I've got no clue where to get this stuff...

M^2-wise I think I found quite a good customer. A friend of mine is getting up some business with his class and I think/ hope I'll be the one who will make the whole graphic-/ CI- and Industrial design. Well, hopefully =) This could let some cash flow in my direction since design has always been very expensive. Well, we'll see. I have to cook now. Stay tuned ;-)

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