Freitag, 18. Januar 2008


Finally, I have nearly finished working on my application (portfolio) for my planned twelfe-months internship. I have been drawing tons of sketches in the last weeks and month and picked out the best ones (and rendered some) for my folio. You can by the way see them on marcomercedes.deviantart com.
However, I have made a double page for Mercedes-Benz (with my matura work), Maybach, Volkswagen, Audi and last but not least BMW. In addition, I have decided to attach also a new suspension system designed by me. If it really works in reality, I do not know :D But it looks good :P
I am currently writing the application letters and the CVs, not only in german but also in italian, since I am also going to try my luck at Daimler's design centre at Villa Salazar in Como, Italy.
I do really hope that I am gonna be lucky somewhere, and get some nice internship ;-)