Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2008


Well, finally I am able to post a picture of my matura model. Unfortunately, the surface of the car did turn out damn crappy, which really gets on my nervs. I should have worked very much more carefully with the foam core, and should then have sprayed filler on the car instead of not being carefully with the foam and then go over with filler mass.
Maybe i will rework the whole surface since I really can't see the model anymore...Hate it :D
On March 4 I am going to have my presentation about the whole project and then I will also very soon have my final exams and be ready for my after-school-life :)

However, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Sindelfingen project was an important experience for me. In case I get an internship this summer I will surely do a very much better job, I promise :-)

By the way I have already received two confirmation letters by Porsche and Mercedes-AMG. Daimler confirmed the arrival of my letter with an e-mail. But no answer yet by BMW...I am waiting....:)