Mittwoch, 23. April 2008

BMW Internship

Hello Fellas,

actually since quite a while I have become the acception at BMW's design centre in Munich for a six-month-internship :) Having rejected an invitation for an application interview at Daimler's (since I thought to be accepted at BMW's) I got the message that I would, due to a misunderstanding, be able to only stay for three months at BMW's. What a shock this was! But after a very fortunate coincidence, basing on the requirements of my hopefully-future-university in Pforzheim I will now nevertheless be able to go for a 6-months one...

Design wise, there are some other things running; Firstly, I am going for an entry in the Italian ANFIA car design contest - probably with my Volkswagen Gepard super sports car. In addition there is a Polish competition having its deadline in the near future. Otherwise, I am preparing to do a small portfolio for my Daimler-interview on June 2nd. So stay tuned ;)