Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2008

ANFIA Stile Italiano Giovani: YESSS :)

Hey guys!
I have just got an email by ANFIA, saying that I am one of the 20 chosen projects for the contest exhibition on September 17th in Turin, where few projects will be prized. Naturally, I hope for something coming out for me :) 

Everybody's welcome! :) 


Dienstag, 8. Juli 2008

ANFIA concorso Stile Giovani

Hey out there!

My participation in this year's international Italian design contest for non-professional, with which a friend of mine won a prize two years ago.

Here my go: An oversized nightcruiser vehicle, offerin place to one passenger awake and two more sleeping or relaxing on the bed in the front of the car. It is basically the project I presented in my interview at Mercedes-Benz'.

Wish me luck!

Mercedes-Benz Internshi

Hi Guys,

good news, there's another internship for me! After I applied at 11 companies and already received BMW's ok for a 6 month internship, I've become an invitation to an interview at Mercedes-Benz' design centre in Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart...

Firstly, they wrote that I should apply once again next year, since I already have now an internship for the period I applied for. But however, it worked out and I travelled to Sindelfingen.
The next day I had my interview which actually went great. Some tim later i ot the OK.