Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Auto Zeitung

Last two weeks in my BMW-intern...

My model still needs final refinement and on friday I'll be having an exit meeting with Chris Bangle.
By the way I won some contest in the german AUTOZEITUNG magazine.
I got the first place in the Mercedes-Benz category and the second place in the Alfa Romeo one. As price I will have the possibility to make an internship of several weeks in a MB-Studio of my choice...I hope I'll be able to choose the one in California. Btw my entry; the task was to redesign the current (W221) S-class.

Here's a picture of both the entries. Check them out on deviantArt.

Next month I'll be spending on creating my pforzheim portfolio...In addition I'll do one for the National Swiss Design Contest before the end of January.

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