Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

BMW Model

Well this was my BMW Internship work. It is a 1:4 clay model.
Basically a cab-forward low-size coupé with rear E-engines. 

Formal inspiration was the cheetah.

Actually there's a lot more technical and conceptual background to the model but I'll just leave you with some images of the unfinished model, pics of the finished one to follow soon(er or later).


  1. Great site you have here! I will definetly keep checking it out :D
    Are you from Germany?
    Looks really cool your BMW project, very unique!
    Check out my danish blog:

  2. aye

    Thanks for the flowers.

    I saw your blog just couple days ago, also very fresh stuff!

    I'm Swiss but interning in Germany at the moment.

    keep it locked!

  3. Thank you! I am trying to just draw a lot of cars at the moment. Any new things coming up??

  4. I will keep following this blog :D


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